Recently reading Clifford Simak, one of the grand masters of science fiction, and one many people have never heard of. If you like literary sf (and I do) he’s for you.

City (1952) is his most well-known work, narrated by pacifist dogs who have inherited the Earth after an apocalypse.

Way Station (1963) is another excellent novel. It won the Hugo Award for Best Novel. It concerns a “house” in Wisconsin which serves as a stopping off place for aliens. The human who manages the way station does not age when inside and so lives on for many many years.

A Heritage of Stars (1977) takes place 2000 years in the future, a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by barbarians who have revolted against technology (robot shells are highly prized).

Simak can be rather bleak, themes of loneliness abound, but there is much to chew on. Highly recommended.