The third of five pieces on the writing/publication process.

Persistence - because you'll face rejection at every turn. Back to that slush pile: one of the pieces I read was from Joyce Carol Oates. I couldn't get past the first page and sent it back. Now what did I know, a twenty-year-old college student? Maybe it wasn't any good, or maybe it was and I couldn't tell--maybe it's in one of her "best of" collections right now! The point is that you rarely know who is reading something you sent in, how they are feeling at the time, what their magazine might have recently published, what they are looking for. Don't take rejection personally (well, you will, but try not to).

When a piece comes back, set it aside for a week or two--to let your anger/disappointment drain--then look at it objectively, re-write, and send it on its way again.

Even given all the above, you can't expect works to get published.

That leads to #4 ... {to be continued}