I discovered a fascinating science fiction magazine the other day, one that, it turns out, has been publishing monthly since 1998.

AntipodeanSF comes from Australia. Each month it publishes about a dozen quality speculative flash fictions, ranging in length from 500 to 1000 words (with an occasional longer piece serialized across multiple issues).

Moreover, there's the AntipodeanSF Radio show which broadcasts weekly. The half-hour program features stories from the magazine plus a panel discussion on some aspect of science fiction. Recently, they serialized a panel on the "Fall and Rise of the Short Story."

Both the magazine and the radio show are professionally produced (the radio show reminds me somewhat of the old X-Minus One radio shows from the 1950's). Ion Newcombe, the editor, is quite knowledgeable both about science fiction and the cosmos. He introduces each radio show with a tidbit of information on some interesting feature of the cosmos: a galaxy, nebula, etc ...

All issues of the magazine and the radio show are available at the web site, antisf.com.au

Well, done!