Literary Wanderings

Love in a High-Tech Age

My short story "Love in a High-Tech Age" was just published in the print magazine Aoife's Kiss:

"I seduced an android last night. And today I am a ruined man. Financially ruined, I mean. Morally, too, I suppose, though I don't know that seducing an android is necessarily an immoral act. Regardless of the reasons I invent to explain my actions, my professional reputation has been irreparably harmed. The insidious gossip at the bank--the threats, the innuendo--will spread like wildfire. I would not be surprised if Mr. Dung, our beloved President, makes titillating comments about me at the next meeting of the executive board...."

This is the 11th Anniversary issue of Aoife's Kiss. You can order a copy here.

A Matter of Principle

My short story "A Matter of Principle" was just published in Bewildering Stories:

"I'm not sure I follow you, Charles," I said. "I hear your words clearly enough, but I do not fully grasp their meaning. This issue of moral relativism--do you really mean to say that nothing is inherently good or evil?"

"That is exactly what I mean," he replied. "And note your use of the word 'inherently'. Consider the case of the wife who poisons her husband. You might think that a clear-cut evil deed. What if I told you the husband beat his wife nightly until she was black and blue and that he threatened to kill her if she contacted the police?"