Literary Wanderings


What I'll be working on this year: I have ideas for several new short stories, but I plan to spend most of my time on a novel, tentatively entitled "Initial Conditions." This may be the first novel of a series, I'm not sure. Should be fun!

How I Write

First draft is longhand on a manilla pad. I usually go through three drafts. At that point I type it into the computer. Then it gets sent off to my wife (editor-in-chief!). What comes back usually isn't pretty. The process repeats until I am either satisifed (unlikely), frustrated (quite likely), or sick-to-death of the entire story (rare, but it does happen). If I'm satisfied with the story, I send it off. If I'm sick of it, it gets consigned to the shredder. Otherwise I put the story away for several months, then pluck it out and edit it again. It takes a long time, but I usually end up with something I like!


This site was created at the urging of my friend Todd Lewis. He said it was rather tedious searching the web looking for my published works. And what about those pieces that originally appeared in print and were no longer available? Sure would be nice to have them all in one place! Hmm, made sense. Being "visually challenged" myself, I sought the help of Jessica Laney, a talented graphics artist who works out of Washington D.C.. She put together a site with a space theme that was simple, open, and emphasized readability for the stories. I really like the results and hope you do too. Thanks Todd and Jessica!