I recently returned from the 33rd International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts conference in Orlando. This was my first time to this event. It was terrific! The highlight was seeing my son, Mark, deliver a paper ("The Philosophy of Mind of Vernor Vinge's Tine Aliens"). The panel it was part of ("Sciences and Philosophies of Body, Mind, and Perception") was quite interesting. In addition to Mark's talk, it included a joint presentation by a philosopher and a neuroscientist, which led to some fascinating discussions.

It was also great to see David Kopaska-Merkel (editor of the science-fiction magazine Dreams & Nightmares), as well as David Hartwell and Joe Haldeman. Hartwell's bookstore is not to be missed and I was able to add several new books to my collection.

Indeed, there was so many interesting talks, it was difficult to chose which ones to attend. Hopefully, I will be able to go to more of these conferences in the future.