The second edition of A Betrayal and Other Stories is now available. Includes a Preface by the author! You can purchase at Amazon or any independent bookstore.


"These are charming, wonderful, horrifying, funny and, most of all, well-crafted stories."

- Matt Ward, editor Skive Magazine

"'The Last Photon' is a jewel. A meditation on distant gods, distant stars - expertly narrated."

- FictionDaily.org

"'The Crystal' is a story of loss and betrayal with that ethereal, otherworldly quality other stories strive after but fail to reach."

- Peter Tennant, UNHINGED

"'Barnegat Inn' is a sort of weird tale in the mode of that bygone zine, complete with spooky mysterious fog ... the sort of sufficiently advanced stuff that's indistinguishable from magic."

- Lois Tilton, LOCUS

"'Worms of Titan' is a near perfect science fiction adventure in the classic '40s pulp vein."

- Sam Bellotto, editor Perihelion

I am a fiction writer living in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. This site contains a selection of my published works of fiction, including short stories and novel excerpts. Also included is a bibliography of my published work and a blog of musings near and far.

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The Antipodean Science Fiction Radio Show is an Australian speculative fiction program. I was honored to be on a recent show, an excerpt from my novel The Astronomer (to be published by Whiske(y) Tit Press in 2022). "Mercury" is lovingly read by the author.

My short story A Sea Voyage was published this August in Cafe Irreal.

Whisk(e)y Tit Press will publish my first novel, The Astronomer in 2022. To pique your interest, here is a Wordcloud for Chapter One:



Four of my short stories have been translated into Vietnamese. "Happiness," "The Bridge," "The Vulture," and "The Room at the End of the World" all appear on the Vietnamese literary website Tien Ve.



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Jean Giono: Song of the World

They say the third time's the charm. I recently read two books by Jean Giono: Hill and A King Alone. Both are considered classics of his and neither particularly moved me. The writing was beautiful--no question about that--but there was not the semblance of a plot; I ended up lost in each (and not in a good way).

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The Astronomer, coming this winter from Whiske(y) Tit Press.

Franz Herbert suffers from epileptic seizures; are they a curse that takes him away from his wife, family, and friends, or a gift that allows him to explore the depths of the universe?

As a young man, Herbert is diagnosed with epilepsy. His attempts to control the disease with medication are unsuccessful and he is taken off all drugs. He is told the disease exists only in his mind and he will need to use his mind to overcome it.

It is when he realizes this that he begins to recover. He learns to control his epilepsy. And then he learns to control other things. He realizes he has acquired the ability to travel throughout the cosmos.

An exploration of a man's struggle with a neurological disease, the nature of reality, and the workings of his own mind, The Astronomer is both a love story and the tale of a man's journey to find his place in the universe.




"The stories in this collection remind me of the work of Kafka or Rod Serling or have their own unique style. I find Brian Biswas to be a writer of great descriptive skill and storytelling ability. His prose is lucid and straightforward ... leaves vivid images ... that come back from time to time, long after I've finished reading, to remind me of these strange and well-written stories." ~ Alice Whittenburg, Coeditor, The Cafe Irreal

"A debut collection mixes horror and sci-fi short stories laden with bizarre creatures, life on other planets, and homicidal proclivities ... Consistently eerie tales that readers aren't likely to forget." ~ Kirkus Reviews

Available from Guide Dog Books The Irreal Reader collects the best fiction from The Cafe Irreal


The Cafe Irreal: International Imagination publishes a type of fantastic fiction most often associated with writers such as Franz Kafka, Kobo Abe and Jorge Luis Borges. Its editors have been nominated for a World Fantasy Award and been named by Writer's Digest as one of the Top 30 Short Story Markets.

This anthology presents a selection of the fiction and essays from The Cafe Irreal. These include pieces by Diploma de Honor Konex winner Ana María Shua (Argentina), Michal Ajvaz (winner of the Magnesia Litera prize in the Czech Republic), Pulitzer Prize winner Charles Simic, and Pushcart Prize winners Bruce Holland Rogers and Caitlin Horrocks. My Pushcart-nominated short story "A Betrayal " is included.